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Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Vampire Diaries season 2

Season 1
 " Previously on a vampire diaries."..Oh my got no idea on how much I love diz, I spent my whole day watching the vampire diaries season two.Unfortunately it is only from first episode to 11..  So sad..but no worry,I will try to download or ask from my friend for the next episode..Well, what exactly I like about this drama?I am quite sure that everybody that have watching this movie will be agree with my opinion.Basically,It have a perfect package at all.The actors, the actress, the music,the plot,dialogue,sound effect..It just perfect.We will never expect what will happen in the next episode and it always amazing! For me, there are no boring or lame part in this always attractive.

Season Two!
 Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder. Who are they??
They are just perfect to be together.I like this drama so much, but I am not the fanatic one which will get all those informations about this drama and all of the players.I just like it, and for me it's enough.

Stefan and his gorgeous brother Damon!

I like him..Well i meant his character..I think he's cool.

Ohh..look who's this handsome guy..It's Micheal Trevino as  Tyler Lockwood a werewolf in this drama.

 I started to love him in this season two.He is a good actor and manage to make me melt inside.hahaha..innocent werewolf..I like..^^

Nina Dobrev
And she's the One..!What can I say about her.She make the entire drama looks very incredible amazing!OMG..a very beautiful,hot, and sexy vampire.I never saw her before, and I am not sure if this is the first drama of her..Elena and Katherine..??No one can deny her credibility in this drama.It awsome!

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