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Friday, 28 January 2011

Good Morning Friday...!!

Hai Mr.Blog...I decide to forget the last night helluva disaster.I wanna move on..I know this is just one of the process for me to get matured.Right??So, thank for him for giving me such experience with that kind of problems.Yeah..He manage to make me cry and deep inside my heart was hoping that he never say that.Well..nda apala..^^..I'm okay..I still have my family,my bestfriend and you kan??

Alright..What I'm gonna do today?? I'm not sure yet..I will going home either today or tomorrow..waaahhhh..Excited..~~ I will be home for a week and Mr.Blog, maybe I won't get any opportunity to see you and make a new entry during the holiday...Alaaa..don't be's only takes a week.I promise, I will come to see you asap when I come back to hostel.You must be wondering why kan?Actually,my lappy can't detect the broadband's line bah if at home.I don't know why.Nanti la I check ah..

Okay Mr.Blog..time I tiada..You take care urself ah??Don't be notty2 lau ada kawan I datang visit you di sini..Nanti I upload pic and ceta dengan u my pasal my holiday ok??
bye2 Mr.Blog..mmmmmmmmmmmuah..^^

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