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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Crying for something..=(

Hye I miss you so much..hhmmm..I supposed to attend three classes for today..Unfortunately,the other classes was cancelled due to the lecturer's academic meeting today.Therefore, I only got one class at 8 am..It was Law 309 class..It was just like usual but a bit interesting.Why?I just don't know..Maybe because I heard someone's voice at the next door..Very familiar..haha..I try to ignored but I still can't..huhu..Oh please..I don't wanna be like this..Go away from my mind..It's killing me.

Coming back to my entry's title..why?I am incredibly upset and frustrated today.I went to 1B just because I want to buy a jigsaw puzzle. I want  it so much Since the last week.I really hope to get it soon.Please...

I wish to write more..but,I just too tired to type it will be continue..I got to sleep now..

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