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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Malam aNugerah Fakulti 2011..^^

Hai blogg..=))..mode ceria di pagi ini..selamat pagi and senyum semua..^________^..hehehe..

Event:Dinner for Malam Anugerah Fakulti
Venue:Le Meridien Hotel
Date:29 July 2011

Semalam adalah Diner for Malam Anugerah Fakulti 2011 which is the last dinner for us yang sudah berada di semester akhir  dalam Diploma pentadbiran Awam..Awww..xsangka..pejam celik, akhirnya part 6 sudah..banyak dugaan yang di lalui sepanjang 3 tahun di sini..I love u Uitm Sabah..alala..feeling lah pulak..>_<..

Anyway, malam tu memang sangat happening dgn member2 coursemate yang semuanya sporting..Haha..I will keep the memory alive guys..!!!

Dengan bertemakan hall of fame-black..Inilah kami..

 Ketibaan gadis2 idaman..Ep,feni,Anyong, n rin..
 Inilah my buddy yg b'image mafia pd malam tu..hihih..Anyooong..
 Dgn my sehati sjiwa fren Fennie..
 Makanan mLm tu  Chinese food..boleh tahan la..hihi

 Taking picture with akak dayah yg sgt beauty mlm tu..hihihi
 My daling2..
 Kita makan duluuuu..hihihih..sandi makan guna chopstik ni..



 kawan2 yg aku sayang..


 Thats all lah yang ada..hihihiih..ada banyak lagi, tapi belum copy..well baru smalam kan juga namanya.hehe..picture not so well sebab bukan original size..pelik jak aku tengok..heheh..apa-apapun..I love u guys..=))

Friday, 29 July 2011

My adrenalin..Go tiger...!!

Hai blog..Goodmorning eveybody..n_n..
Salam jumaat for all muslims and hopefully we can do something worth today and given a rewards by the Almighty..

Whats up with y adrenalin.?? was reached at the maximum point last night as our black and yellow team lose in the match versus Singapore.I don't want to talk too much about that as I didn't watch it.Well, as I mention earlier, I am the residents of tv at all..poor me..I get very excited as my lover text me that Malaysia had their 1st score by the goals made by Safie sali if I'm not mistaken.

You did know life is full with a drama..thats what happen to our team last night.They have to deal with those player which I can't tell..I dont know if it is their real strategies or whatsoever..But the point is, I am proud with our team as they try their utmost effort to win the game..So, please everybody, just give them a support an be proud with them..Go tigers..Grrrrrrrr...~~~

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Missing you at random..

Hai..xtau mau luah kepada siapa..hari ini..time2 aku rasa down n tanpa sesiapa yg pun yg tahu..(luar nmpak happy)..aku just rindu sseorang ni jak..I don't know why..maybe sebab ko banyak buat aku ketawa and lupa trus smua problem.Sampai aku sndiri pun nda tau aku ada problem..ougghh..where you at my fren...Please..smoga telepati yang aku hantar sampai kpd kau..I miss u so much..=((((

Dinner Ost 2011...

hai mr,blog..mode sedih petang ni..xtau knapa..smua bnda mcm xbetul..I messed up everything..and I don't know how to fix it..where I have to start..and..huuu..

Anyhow..I still wanna share our song for the upcoming dinner..We are going to perform it as our last memorable dinner.Its not cool at all..being a final year students seems very hard for me to handle..

Kebuntuan ini membunuhku..=_=..

Nahh..inilah lagu yang bakal di persembahkan pada dinner malam esok ...All the best kawan2 ku..nyanyi feeling2 esok k..=))

Aizat ft 1st edition -Perpisahan ini

Doom and gloom.=((

Sometimes I feel like I'm hating everything in my life..Could somebody really understand me?  I don't think so..hmmmphh..

Life is easy..

Easy??is it true?can you live happily everyday?Having breakfast with a cup of tea with a chocolate waffle.Breathe in a fresh air and laugh with your lover and let the wind blow your hair..Is it hows you spending your day? What do you think? I leave it to you.

Well, they say, we are the one who create our life, arrange the flow and deal with it whatsoever..But then again, when you see in the big picture, you may see, it always opposite with your imagination as it naturally turn out in not so well condition.Here, you may start think,think, and think continuously until someday it create a link between one another.

What I'm trying to say is..Life is a process that happens naturally plus a little bit effort that obviously come within internally of our-self . As far as I can see, Even I put my utmost effort, there will be always something happen that may affect my life in many different aspect.It is unavoidable and no matters how hard it is, you should find a way to resolve the problems.huhuuuu..depressed isn't it??


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sy penduduk hostel.

Hai blog..petang ni xtau kenapa ..mood aku sangat baik..hehehe..ketawa aja aku sepanjang harini.Padahal arini la kelas paling packed..Ndatau..maybe sebab orang2 sekeliling harini semua happy go,automatically I pun happppy jak meleret..

Tadi pg hantar borang akujanji and kunci pg Unit pengurusan asrama Kluster B..and mo tau??staff di sana semua baik and mesra..gembira jak berurusan dengan dorang..cubalah kalau semua pegawai kerajaan macam tu kan..semangat la aku mo brurusan..hehehesemua urusan sudah selesai..tinggal sticker electric lg aku belum ambik..nanti bsuk la tu..pacik tu blg pun.."palan2 ko nak.."hehehe..sporting o tu pacik..

Skg aku tengah minum petang..uina..mcm beli makanan utk buka puasa jak aku td..beli tapau nasi,burger ayam,kuih pisang, pastu singgah lg di kop..bli minuman..hehehe..siuk ni tgk2 sunset..bahagianya dpt bilik bdepan dengan laut ni..

Tadi daling ku call lg..andu..kesian bah dia..xda aku sms dia dr pagi gara2 kelas non-stop dri jam8-10, 10-12,12-1.25, and 2-4...sorry ah daling..nasib dia sudah memahami aku..trus skg dia pi main takraw..nahh..suka bersukan ptg kn daling aku..I like..

embahh..sudah la ah..nanti aku sambung ceta lagi ni malam..=)))

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My lovely friends..

Hallu..again..ep in the house..heheeh

Blog..I wanna tell uu..I love alllll my adorable friends...yg jahat2 tu,pduli la dorang sana..yang aku mo cakap n maksudkan di sini adalah kawan2 yg selalu ada dengan aku..they done their part as my friend..and now..its my turn to turn back their favor..ughh..I'm a bad friend..sometimes I tend to be moody and not give them an actual and exact response whenever they talk to me..which is so bad!!ahhh...why do I do that??

Lately..I observe and got a lot of inspiration from people around me..I can see their character which is very impressive and adorable..I tell u here..I adore a kind-hearted person vey much..they are my idol and aspire me a lot in many different angle..I never forget a person who determine make me happy and cheer can I say this..

Dear friend..I'll miss u guys...there's no word that can really explain my actual feelings right now..I'm so glad for having u guys as my friends and colours my life with different colours..we built a friendship,sharing a stories,going through every challenges..and yeah..we made it..we always made it..I'm happy...It is so amazing..and I was amazed..i never had a thought of having u my life...I am truly appreciate it..

I pray...the Almighty will reward all of you...with a joyful life and ease you whenever u face an obstacles in the future..I luv u guys...~~

Perlukah selfish??

knapa juga mau pentingkan diriiii jakk..


kalau yang ko pentingkan tu emas atau harta pusaka nenek moyang ko nda apa bah ko mo simpan saturang..aduina..baru tu..Pandai lagi ko blakon jadi kawan palsu..depan2 jak macam betul,kalau belakang2..nahhhh..mcm rubber..!

Kita bukan jua bff..aku pn xla kenal ko sangat..tapi kawan..perangaimu itu terserlah senyata2nya harini..depan mata aku..perlukah ko biarkan orang lain jadi mangsa sebab kesalahan kau?hah??eeeeiii..geramnya aku...Sudahla ko nda back up time dia kena blame..ko minta maaf pun macam bagus nda pyh..ikhlas pun nda..aiiish...

Ko ingat jak la..Tuhan tu adil..ko bangga2 dengan diri sendiri pun nda guna.Aku tau ko mmg jaga hubungan ko dgn tuhan.solat 5 waktu.bagusla tu..smoga berkekalan..

Tapi kawan.kalau tanggungjawab ko sama manusia ko nda jaga..nahhh..sia2 jak ..hidupla ko saturang dgn prangai ko tu.smoga satu hari..ko dapatla petunjuk sebab tuhan tu maha adil..

Its Wednesday!

hai peeps..

Today..I'm done with the Law quiz..and I'm glad for having such a wonderful wednesday today..y??cuz there's no stress at all as I only had two class,,yuhuu..I wish all day will be like this in the future..=)))

What am I doing now?Again, I'm still in love with the korean thingy as I continuosly watching it back to back since monday..omaigod..!I can't delay it as I want to know the ending "paradise ranch" anyway..and the actor is totally cute and adorable..hihihi..
I also in the process of installing the avast anti-virus as my kaspersky anti-virus license has expired and I can't renew it since I had no time to buy a new one..I'm stuck in the hostel and dying waiting for the up coming holiday.

Bahhh! the report is done..then I need to take my shower now before my Mr call me..tadaaa..bubui everybody..have a nice day..~~

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Hai my dear I miss u so muchhhh..

Aku baru habis mandi..gila...punya ramai orang mandi di blok ni..gara2 blok sebelah xda air..aiya..padahal kn aku plan mo mandi lewat bah ni ari..sbb aku mo tidur terus..baru rasa,,takut aku nanti tiba2 darurat..xpasal2 aku mandi air dari paip bomba..eeeiiiww..

Btw..arini aku makan nasi lauk makanan tin aje..pasal apa?sebab kafe teda apa2 yg sedap..iiee..sedap lg tu bilis dalam tin.walaupun aku mana jua suka makanan tin..geli and rasa ganjil bah.terbayang2 aku makanan tu sepatutnya sudah lama,slepas di cmapur macam2 pgawet..tahan lama la kunu tu benda..antamlaaa..makan jakkkk...daripada mati kebulur..kikiki..

Embahh..bisuk aku ada kuiz Law..and seriously, aku belum lagi buat revision..mati la ni..pemalas betul..otak aku melayang2 di rumah sudah ni..xsabar mo cuti mid term seminggu next week..I'm coming homeeee...yuhuuuuu..~~ dear blog..nanti I sambung ceta g tengok drama korea dlu kijap..hehehe."paradise ranch"...siukkk..=)))..bubuii..