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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dinner Ost 2011...

hai mr,blog..mode sedih petang ni..xtau knapa..smua bnda mcm xbetul..I messed up everything..and I don't know how to fix it..where I have to start..and..huuu..

Anyhow..I still wanna share our song for the upcoming dinner..We are going to perform it as our last memorable dinner.Its not cool at all..being a final year students seems very hard for me to handle..

Kebuntuan ini membunuhku..=_=..

Nahh..inilah lagu yang bakal di persembahkan pada dinner malam esok ...All the best kawan2 ku..nyanyi feeling2 esok k..=))

Aizat ft 1st edition -Perpisahan ini

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