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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My lovely friends..

Hallu..again..ep in the house..heheeh

Blog..I wanna tell uu..I love alllll my adorable friends...yg jahat2 tu,pduli la dorang sana..yang aku mo cakap n maksudkan di sini adalah kawan2 yg selalu ada dengan aku..they done their part as my friend..and now..its my turn to turn back their favor..ughh..I'm a bad friend..sometimes I tend to be moody and not give them an actual and exact response whenever they talk to me..which is so bad!!ahhh...why do I do that??

Lately..I observe and got a lot of inspiration from people around me..I can see their character which is very impressive and adorable..I tell u here..I adore a kind-hearted person vey much..they are my idol and aspire me a lot in many different angle..I never forget a person who determine make me happy and cheer can I say this..

Dear friend..I'll miss u guys...there's no word that can really explain my actual feelings right now..I'm so glad for having u guys as my friends and colours my life with different colours..we built a friendship,sharing a stories,going through every challenges..and yeah..we made it..we always made it..I'm happy...It is so amazing..and I was amazed..i never had a thought of having u my life...I am truly appreciate it..

I pray...the Almighty will reward all of you...with a joyful life and ease you whenever u face an obstacles in the future..I luv u guys...~~

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