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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Its Wednesday!

hai peeps..

Today..I'm done with the Law quiz..and I'm glad for having such a wonderful wednesday today..y??cuz there's no stress at all as I only had two class,,yuhuu..I wish all day will be like this in the future..=)))

What am I doing now?Again, I'm still in love with the korean thingy as I continuosly watching it back to back since monday..omaigod..!I can't delay it as I want to know the ending "paradise ranch" anyway..and the actor is totally cute and adorable..hihihi..
I also in the process of installing the avast anti-virus as my kaspersky anti-virus license has expired and I can't renew it since I had no time to buy a new one..I'm stuck in the hostel and dying waiting for the up coming holiday.

Bahhh! the report is done..then I need to take my shower now before my Mr call me..tadaaa..bubui everybody..have a nice day..~~

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