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Friday, 29 July 2011

My adrenalin..Go tiger...!!

Hai blog..Goodmorning eveybody..n_n..
Salam jumaat for all muslims and hopefully we can do something worth today and given a rewards by the Almighty..

Whats up with y adrenalin.?? was reached at the maximum point last night as our black and yellow team lose in the match versus Singapore.I don't want to talk too much about that as I didn't watch it.Well, as I mention earlier, I am the residents of tv at all..poor me..I get very excited as my lover text me that Malaysia had their 1st score by the goals made by Safie sali if I'm not mistaken.

You did know life is full with a drama..thats what happen to our team last night.They have to deal with those player which I can't tell..I dont know if it is their real strategies or whatsoever..But the point is, I am proud with our team as they try their utmost effort to win the game..So, please everybody, just give them a support an be proud with them..Go tigers..Grrrrrrrr...~~~

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