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Monday, 10 January 2011

Today stories...'s a very busy day for me..I got classes from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm.Then at night I have to attend a college's program at Gym..What we call as "Perjumpaan PPP". Ouhh..Nice..I'm kinda like it.I am not wasting my time by doing nothing at my room like I always used to do have improve!!Congratulation..adoihh..

What can I say about today classes?
Pad365- As usual..Done with chapter 1 & 3..
Pad330-It was a tutorial class..and it was fun..the class venue was at BK5 which remind me about the KAKS course that I've join before..which is meant it remind me about something..what?? is just mytop secret.Issshh..^^
Pad320-hmmm..the situation was just like we were back at primary and secondary school where we have to copy everything in the was my record..I manage to copy the notes until six pages.Great.Other than that, the lecturer will call our name in order  to check the attendance.It just odd but I think i am kinda like the lecturer..he looks like my grandpa's age and comel ni..I hope he will live happily and stay healthy..^^..
The last class that I've attend today was Law245..what can I say??I think,i'm gonna like the lecturer..he is cool...and I really hope to get an A for this subject.Insya Allah..^^

Alright, that's all for today..chup-chup..^^

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