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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Social networking sites

As we know, nowadays..people tend to use a social networking site to interact in their daily life.Yes..we can have a clear perspective of this matters through teenagers..Why? because there are the group of people who are believe to used social networking more often.It maybe cause by the advance knowledge in technology and the are expose to this kind of stuff since they know the computer..You know what I meant?Compare to the previous times where the technology are just about to develop, they were growing  up just in the line of the massive development in technology..They  are the new generation who lives with the advance machine since at the early age.Therefore, when it comes to communication, they will be more to the social networking site which are more practical,advance, and easy.The most popular networking site is Facebook, twitter, myspace,skype, and etc.
to be continue...

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