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Thursday, 10 February 2011

I'm so tired

Hey..hey..hey..Mr.Blog..I don't know what is the most perfect word that suitable to express the level of my tiredness for today's class...I'm perfectly tired..I really wanna go sleep now..but I can't sleep tight without telling you how was my day going on for today..I can't tell you everything now..I just wanna let you know..that I'm very tired..=(

Suddenly..when I was ready to friends wawa and cda come and bring me a birthday cake..OMG..Im so touch..Well,cda was forgot to wish my birhday on 4 February..She only remember about my birthday yesterday..So, she want to redeem her mistake by give me the cakes..hahaha..Well, its work on me..I'm not angry anyway..Thank you very much Shida and Wawa..I love both of you..mmmmmmmmmuah..

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