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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Law,regulation, and policy of industrial relation

Mr.Blog..honestly, along the period of being a diploma in Public Administration's students,today, or this semester seems to be the hardest part in my life.I never found assignments to be this hard before.I am the type of person that will do the assignment in the very last minute but manage to do it perfectly..I'm not telling any lies here..Last semester, I have to do the groups assignment alone without my buddy  who have an emergency leave.Therefore, I do it for only one day and believe it or not..the result is 8/10.No hard time..Praise to the Almighty..

But, tonight..I tell you..I almost give up.To find the exact act of industrial relation that been applying in United State isn't that easy as I thought before..It likes finding a seeds in a tons of rice..Can you imagine? I don't know..It supposed to be my "thing" as long not related to calculation.But,'s like my legs been stuck in mud..I can't move on..S.O.S....

No matter what it takes, I got to finish this one. I want to free my mind asap.Without ASSIGNMENTS I guess tomorrow will be my good day..Finger crossed..^^

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