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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Demerit of Ep

Yes Mr.Blog..this is me..I am not perfect to be a friend to anyone..Huu..I got so many weaknesses that I can't help..You know what?I can't hide my feeling..Isn't looks good for you?Of course not.Right?I hate it..Whenever I feel angry,annoyed with someone,i feel mad and whatsoever..It will just reflect in my face..So, whenever i feel angry to someone, they will find out it face will automatically show it.!It is really embrassing me..Ouh..Because, after a while, I will realize and feel bad for letting he or she know that I was angry with them.Especially when it was only a small tinny little things.I shouldn't angry for that right?Haiiishh..On the other way around, it is good when I am happy or glad..or maybe if i was in love with someone..Oh my God..It will straight away reflect from my face..yeah..sometimes it will be embarassing long as I am happy and people around me will be okay..I like to say I love you to everyone I love..almost everyday I also because I can't hide it..Yes..I can't hide anything from my face..Therefore, my beloved know I won't stab your back coz i don't have the ability of acting..hihi..keep asking me if you don't trust me..coz I also not the type of person who kalis psycho..hiihi..

I got quiz at 4 pm..currently i am in the library..NO.I don't manage to do any revision.It is too cold right here and I forget to bring my sweater..i got to go friend message me already..bubye...chup2

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