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Monday, 21 February 2011

I'm Counting..

Yes Mr.Blog...mengira atau menghitung.Apa jua yang aku kira..yalaitu..ko heran la kan..sebab aku ni lemah sangat dalam Maths..Ciss..Aku tengah menghitung hari bah Mr.Blog..for someone who are very special in my life..Awwww...2nd March ni is my lover's birthdayy..So...pleaaaaaaaaaaaaasee..tell me apa mo bagi hadiah untuk dia..

This is my list:

1)Car accesories..but I don't know which one bah..
2)Wallet..Again??third time already..
3)Belt with a unique buckle?
4)T-shirt and jeans?
5)Nike shoes?
7) a hand phone?Over!
8)Cap??oh..u know he dont like it..

Hmmm..I just don't know I'm gonna give him one of the item above with a personal present that i made by myself..But..what..?I'm gonna think about it..U wait ah Mr.Blog..hihihi..dis I promise u lah.Sorry la nda dapat bagi hadiah mahal2 ah..tunggu la aku keja dulu..hihi.orang susah bah ni..tsk3x..

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