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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nowhere to go..

To be someone's friend, I am too
To be someone's girlfriend, I am a loser, more sucks  than be a friend..
To be someone's idol, I am zero..I got nothing to inspire anyone...
I am just me..nobody..lost..and still in the process to find myself..somewhere I belong to..
what we call as "destiny"..

~To my friends..yes..all of you..(act like I got many)..I am sorry fellas..forgive me for who I am right now..

~To my boyfriend..(If I really do have one)..I don't know how to make you feels special..please understand me..I never know how to be a girlfriend to someone..just give me a experience what the "love" really are coz I never really got into it..

~To anyone outside there,you may have been judging me so much before..But, believe me..You'll never understand me..Why?Because I myself don't even really know who I am..I am totally lost..

#I dont know who am I yet...God..please show me the way..put me on your that I will able to understand all of my dilemma..I realize that everything happens for a reason..Please, let me know the silver lining behind all these cloud..

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