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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hello Mr.Blog!
I got diz from Life land a.k.a my buddy's blog.

Nine things you wish you could say to nine different people:

1. Papa & Mom :I hope I can be ur Solehah daughter..^^
2. MyOnly1 elder Sista : I'm sorry cuz always act pampered & make u pissed.Wht to do..U r myonly 1 sista..gagaga :)
3. My 3,4,5,6 younger sista :U colours my life..hopefully we'll make dadymumy happy forever!
4. Aailurvehim: My endless love..InsyaAllah.Aamin..~~
5.Mybuddy2:ThankyOu for everything..
6.Happy everyday people^^
7.Vulnerable n sensitive.
8.Always pray to be good.
9.Mr.Blog..thanks for hearing me..almost everyday.
Eight things about yourself:

1. I am a girl. 155cm tall, 43kg weight. I am 21th, final year student's of public admin at UiTM Sabah.
2.I love Purple mucho!
3. A Muslim of course.
4. Fear of rubber bands.(Astihophobia) Ex: Getah sayur.
And Claustrophobia.Ugh!I hate small lift.
5. Cry and laugh easily=Sensitive
6. I hate snakes!
7.  I'm TAKEN.
8.I forget things easily.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:

1.Happy Family 4eva.Mom,daddy,me, n siblings.^^
2.Finish study and got a good job.
3.Dead.I wish to live everyday like I'll die tomorrow.
4. Vacation with my family.Of course.
5.Grow old together with Aailurvehim.
6. I wish to design my own house n furnish it with cute2 stuff.
7.Go Haji with my family and aailurvehim.
p/s:Save money as many as I can!

Five Things You Always Have With You:

1. A ring from aailurvehim^^
3.In2it face powder.
4.Myred purse.
5. Thumbdrive.
6. HP.

Four Bad Habits:

1.My Face cannot Lie.
2.Too sensitive 
3.Low memory
4.Bad temper

Two things you want to do before you die:

1. I hope to be a good daughter,good wife,good friend, n be good to everyone & everythings
2.To be a good Muslim.InsyaAllah.
One Confession:

This is all lies..:)

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