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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

who are they?

Hi there...

What to say...hmmp..I just take my bath as the weather for today was undeniable super2 hot... now I feel refreshing and we go..
what can I say about todays class? nothing just ok..I got 1 quiz for Law..and 1 test for the public financial..AND..1 last presentation in my diploma.Yess..Finally I manage to going through all the task given by the lec. 

Today, I learn something in Life.I will not go into the deep side as its not affect my life as a whole.I just realize that, a person which I thought worth for me dying for is actually worthless.hopeless.and useless.I cant blame u for this..because,
I am the one who put you so high in my precious list, and keep saying to myself that I must be good to a person like you. I'm not sure, but the day before, there was also same situation where I'm gone crazy for thinking about something that might hurt the feeling of my precious because of unacceptable matters. 

I really can't take it, as I categorized it as bad and I myself or other person can't hurt your are my precious.thats all.

Today, I realize that I have misunderstand the concept and I dont know whether I can change this attitude of mine or wht,...

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