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Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm not going home...again..hmm..

Hi bloggie...Here I am..chaaak!hihi
Trying to hide my sorrow..this weekend I will be alone again.I'm not going home since my two siblings are not going back too. ngehehe..Its okay...It wont last forever since next week will be the eid's holiday...yehaaaa...can't wait for that...

What I love the most about eid is we can meet all our family members as everybody are going home and celebrate exception! And of course, eat many amazing dishes,get duit raya from the I love hari raya...

Well, I'm goin to dozed off now..till then, see you later people..=)
~have a nice weekend..~


  1. iya cik lieyda...slmt myambut hari raya...mkn byk2 tau..hihihi