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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I'M NOT FEELING WELL MR.BLOG..It Just not a great feeling at all..I feel dizzy and uncomfortable..Knowing that I'm about to have a flu is a very bad news and looks just like an add-on to me..Nice.Pack schedule,assignment,test, with fever..Oughh.Come on..Pack schedule is really killing me..Seriously..It takes my passion away..I really want to focus and find myself everyday..I've plan my week already but having this kind of additonal class plus test and quizzes is really not good to me..So, now..I really need a back up plan..PLAN B..where are about if I got none??Huh..I don't expect this to can't I just wake up tomorrow and face all those crap?Huhhh..Take a deep breath time..You really should do a Plan B to Z i guess..Aiya..
I got full day combo classes from today until Wednesday.How I suppose to react?Happy?To be perfectly frank..I am extremely down..Pleasee...give me my spirit back.and..take away this helluva disaster..!! 

Move on..I won't let this small tiny problem ruin everything.Just like in OB's book:" Perceive the assignment as a challenges and not a problem"..otherwise you will be a loser..come again..Read my lips..L.O.S.E.R..So. the moral values of the story is..Let's fight for the victory..but don't run over it..just walk with this way,you'll find your destiny.. 

P/s: Victory Loves Preparation..(the mechanic)

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