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Monday, 14 March 2011

Just the way you are..

This guy..i adore him so much..everything he done is always work on me..Just the way you are dearr.Stay like that forever and dont change anything..okeii???Pray everyday,InsyaAllah..we will be first, ambition first..then everything will be fall in the line..^____^

~ Stay with me forever.. cuz,
~I love everything about u...

This is the guy that I've been talking about...hihihi...the one which I called as "Aailurvehim" in my phone..Awwww..Okey stop...I won't go further about this coz I know once I start, I will never stop talking about him.Nite all..^^Mmmmmuah for everybody.Pray for me okay..

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