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Monday, 18 April 2011

I am in the middle of war!!!

E.P vs Exam

Lets see how I fight the exam in this semester.. Frankly, I don't prepare 100% yet. There is so much things that I need to cover before the first paper take place..LAW 309..what do you say?? Well I say it it perfectly hard and I need to keep in mind all the terms,definition, and cases..Do you think it's easy?Then come and teach me please..Mommy..!! I am in the middle of war!! Arrrrghhh.. its look like massacre that lead me to death..oh my God..I'm getting over..Ishh2..sorry pals..for being emotional.=(

Let just pray, and get prepare..I don't want to sit like fools in the exam hall later on..Alright..move on and give my best..InsyaAllah..^__^ 

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