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Monday, 11 April 2011

Insomnia..Thank you very much..

The picture is only for illustration purpose only.^^

Mr.Blog..I wish that I was sleeping now..Apparently, a sweet lovely dreams will entertain me in the other side of the world.. 

But I am not sleeping..And here I am..story telling with my gorgeous cutey blog..Don't be so glad this wont stay any week will be my final week before examination.

It means what? DISASTER!!oppss.I shouldn't mention that bad words here.Take a deep breath and say.."Lets put everything in the right track and give our ultimate effort and get rid all those helluva disaster...Fighhht!!Be a hero in your own dreams..

Coming back to my title..yes..thank you very much to Mr.Insomnia for visiting me today.My eyes is wide open and I don't feel like sleepy..Good news is I done my assignment.And the bad news is, I'm afraid that I can't wake up early tomorrow.I couldn't make it happen as I have a presentation and I need to compile my works with my group members by tomorrow. wish I will wake up early tomorrow..Insya Allah..I better stop now before I start mumbling all over again and keep pressing "enter" to make a new paragraph of my stories.Bubye and nite..^^

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