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Friday, 1 April 2011

I am student.=)

Hai am student!!! lalalalalala...I got so many assignments,test,quizzes, and presentation instead of the final examination which just around the corner.So what?? I shouldn't surprise and sigh everyday..because I am a student!!That is all what a student like me should do.What else I will do when there is an official "student" mark in my head??Haiisshh..feel stress is obvious, but, I must find the solution to be cool and chill.

All I need to do is appreciate all these precious moment and do what I suppose to do in order to achieve my dream.Is it??Okay..Gotcha..!!
Assignment?Test?Quiz?Presentation? I'll do my best and put my ultimate effort to fight against you...I won't afraid..I won't run..Lets just finish all this until the end.I am student..and you are only my small tiny challenges.Fighting!!
I love study!!

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