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Thursday, 9 June 2011

MyFirst class

Hye I pg klas..well,..what can I say.Besa2 jakk..xda yang best..I don't like the Ice breaking season as it require me to talk about myself..I don't like it!I prefer to be low profile and keep myself in the silent be perfectly frank..I actually sucks in introducing myself.Grrrrrrrrrrr...>_<

I have 6 subjects for my final semester..I will got no problem with it except for 1 subject which I hate the most..."Account"..please be nice to me..I got no special strategy in dealing with that particular subject.Calculation??Ughhh...Save my soullll..I need to push myself and put my ultimate effort in order to win this final battle..Go eppppp....

That's all for now..Cheerio..=)))

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