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Sunday, 2 June 2013

How is life going?

Hi blog!

Its been a decade I didnt log in here..what to become kind of survival seasons for me when 24hours seems no longer enough.Oh My..
Day by day, I can feels the time goes so fast.Its now come to the edge of my final year in college. The question is, have I accomplish anything along these period?

I keep asking myself those questions and the answer are still does not fulfill my satisfaction at all. Neither to myself,my family, nor my lecturers. Yes, my lecturer, I am really thankful to them especially Madam Dyg. She is just amazing and more than just a lecturer to me. What make her different to any lecturer is that she taught me about life. Not just a typical education.Inspiring and motivate that keep me go forward instead of just a sigh or shrugged. That is what make me love her class so much. It will be such waste and my total loss if I absent in that class that offer me a lessons about life.

You might be question in what part of motivation that I am talking about. Well, she just change the way I think, if before I am an emotional,rigid, and narrow minded person. Now, I came to be a person that try to see and view things from different angle that I neglected before. Being critical and flexible with environment I am.

An attitude might not just change as the wind blows a leaves. It happens to me gradually and I can feels the positivity vibes around me growing up day by day.
Most importantly, it gives me courage and determination to keep going no matter how hard is life be. The "hard" word is even subjective matters. I wont let that so called hardship or challenges ruin my day, my life in future and everything.

Lets just make the survival life in college like a games. Enjoy, embrace, and live every moment. Cheerio..^^

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